This is your chance to start learning sign language in English, French, Spanish,and many more. This program is a great place to go to learn.  You do not have to attend classes, and can download everything you will need.  Work at your own pace, at home, or on the go!  This program is available on Android and iOS, therefore, you can learn on your lunch hour, or in your car on your drive to or from work. Learn the most useful techniques of signing by watching a video.  The video can be stopped or replayed as much as you need or want.  People that have bought this system say it is fun, very affordable from other programs and you start signing from day one!

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They include a lot of information including a dictionary.  You can type what you want to sign into the dictionary, and Jake will sign it for you. This is fantastic!  No books to lug around, no reading and trying to figure out diagrams. You will have step by step instruction and have a support forum that is always available to you.  There is one price for everything, upgrades made to the program are free for Life!  A new job may be on the horizon by learning this.  Once completed with this system you will be at a “good conversation” level.  I think this is a great program and is very well priced knowing that a tutor would charge $50.00 an hour. Once you pay for this program it is your for life!  If you or anyone you know is wanting to learn sign language, this is the place to start!

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