Crafts-Making and Selling


Do you want to sell crafts that you make?  Are you looking for different ideas and items that will sell quickly? Then I have something for you that will not only benefit you but that you will love! Here is what CRAFTS TO MAKING AND SELLING is all about.

The main book has over 100 pages, all with crafting ideas, how to sell, and what items to sell that will make the most money. Step-by-Step instructions along with different variations so you can make a unique items.



Craft ebooks

Who wants to set up a table at a craft fair and have all of the items look alike?  Different colors and deviations are what catch different personalities of people. Always remember, just because you  like a specific color or embellishment doesn’t mean someone else will.

CRAFTS TO MAKING AND SELLING will also explain why certain items sell better than others. This will be very helpful information to make money getting your items sold. Finding the craft items you love to make and sell makes it a success for you!

In CRAFTS TO MAKING AND SELLING, you will find instruction on stone, ink, leather, yarn, tile, cloth and even more projects. I guarantee you will find new ideas in this book. Having the ability to learn how to find more customers and make your items more marketable is a plus. There are 43 chapters to the book and even more ideas in the BONUS ebooks. Here is some of the information that is included:

  • Looking past the ordinary and making something Unique.
  • Selling items to different outlets.
  • Why size matters.
  • Consider the time and cost of materials.
  • How to increase your profits.
  • Customers and how to reach them.
  • working with wood.
  • selling on ebay.

There is so much more in this package so go here to read more!


With friends or by yourself, you have the ability to make items that are very simple and will generate income over and over again. Did you know you can advertise your items with a picture and sell thru the newspaper in your area for FREE? There are businesses in your area that buys home made items on a regular basis, sometimes just for fundraisers.

The first E-Book contains the story of Mrs. Fox. This woman quickly found a way to sell her home made items from being a newlywed to being elderly. The items she made were no seasonal, therefore, providing a continued flow of income. You can follow her lead and make it your own, or change it up to meet your own needs.

The second E-Book contains many one minute organizing tricks that save you time. Learn how to implement these changes that automatically make you more productive. This will allow more time for crafting, your family and for relaxation. Actually, I find that doing crafts are very relaxing, don’t you?

So again, here is what you get when you order Crafts to Make and Sell

  • The book on how to make and how to sell.
  • Printable Patterns with easy to follow directions.
  • E-Book one, the Tale of Mrs. Fox.
  • E-Book Two, Organizing Tricks to save time.


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