Darn Good Yarn for Crafting!


Beautiful threads of natural or synthetic fiber for knitting,crocheting and weaving from Darn Good Yarns!. It consists of several strands of material twisted together. Every strand is made of fibers, all shorter than the piece of yarn that is formed, and these short fibers are spun into longer filaments to make the yarn. A fairly high degree of twist produces strong yarn; a low twist produces softer, more lustrous yarn; and a very tight twist produces crepe yarn. Yarns are also classified by their number of parts.

Darn Good Yarn sells more than just yarn. Clothing, scarves, jewelry, bags, purses and  home goods just to name a few. Very unique wooden yarn bowls to put your yarn in so you escape from the yarn tangles that we all fret over.

Lace Weight Silk Cloud Yarn - Sparkle Collection


Take a look at their project kits that have everything you will need for a new project for scarves, jewelry, to ponchos and more.  If you want to try spinning your own yarn, Darn Good Yarn has the tools for you, along with instructions!  If you want to try something new or are even a beginner, there are many patterns to choose from that you will enjoy. Very Unique, fun and easy crafts for kids too! They are fun, unique, and will make something of their own. My grand children love to do any kind of craft.  It seems to bring out their creative side and shows them what they can accomplish.

Recycled materials would normally end up in our landfills, and Darn Good Yarn doesn’t believe in anything going to waste. They use these materials to create unique pieces of art. Suede, plastic, and lace are just some of the items that are recycled for yarn.

Go Here to check out the silk strings they offer for jewelry making, beautiful bright colors and something for everyone!

Darn Good Yarn has very interesting yarn fibers including banana, burlap, chiffon, cotton, denim, silk, hemp and many more. Subscribe to the yarn of the month club, what is better than getting a surprise every month in the mail?

Handcrafted Himalayan Necklace - Elements Collection


When you invest in Darn Good Yarns, not only are you getting quality materials, you are helping families eat and receive medical care. So the items that you use will not only have love in the threads, but will create a history within each stitch.

We believe that good things come from good intention. That’s why we believe in the concept of “Start at Love”. It’s a value that is the foundation of everything we do and that’s our promise to you. From our ethical and environmentally targeted sourcing to wrapping your order up like a present. We think that when you “Start at Love”, amazing things can happen and your authenticity shines through.

Here is what Chelsea and Kathryn had to say about their purchase with Darn Good Yarn

I absolutely love the yarn and this pattern! Finally had a chance to sit down and start on the free pattern and so far it’s love! It a simple pattern too since I’m not the best at knitting.     

Love, Love, Love

I now have 8 of these gorgeous skirts (3 knee-length and 5 ankle-length), and I absolutely love each and every one! I get so many compliments every time I wear one of them. They are not only beautiful, but comfortable as well. I will be coming back for more in the future!!!    

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They also have contests for you to join and win really neat items.  Please don’t miss out!      Go Here to see read all about it!

Happy Friday!!! Here at Darn Good Yarn, the only thing we love more than the weekend is our yarn (and flash sales for our yarn) & our friends who love our yarn!