Guy Stuff-Outdoor Enthusiasts!


Hats off to all the men in the world!  If you enjoy the outdoors, biking, hunting, camping, anything outdoors, then you have come to the right place.  Outdoor enthusiasts will be blown away by the offers that are on this page.  Most you have probably never seen before or maybe you have heard of them.  We will offer the best deals at the best pricing and most of the offers here have coupons for as much as 50% off of your first order.  These are things that every man should need for being in the outdoors, no matter what you enjoy!  There are some woman that will enjoy this page too!

Survival Hax was designed for the weekend campers, avid hikers, wilderness bikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and the hardcore survivalists. We aim to educate folks on everything from what bugs you can eat you if you run out of food!  Basically, everything you would need for your next outdoor excursion.  Prices are great.  Free Shipping for orders of $25 or more. Click here to look at the items you will need!


MEN OF THE OUTDOORS!  When you are having fun doing your thing you want to be comfortable.  So I have the T-shirts for you!  These Shirts we made and developed by Men because they know what they want.  A shirt that is soft, comfortable, and cool  on those days that it is warm or working up a sweat.  Go Here for Your Cool Shirt!


SOLAR COOKERS AND ACCESSORIES.  Fast cooking, portability, simple, safe and clean cooking and all run by the energy of the sun.  It can bake, broil, fry, or steam a meal.  This is great for Camping because you don’t have to cook over a fire.  If the sun isn’t out it can still cook with batteries.  They have all size of cookers, so there is one for every circumstance.  Start grilling here!



 The have a full array of things to choose from.  Star Wars, Political humor, Body part gags, Drinking gifts.  They have anything and everything you can think of for any occasion. Did someone say Bacon?  As they have many items related to Bacon, I bet you don’t have a bacon wallet.  Go Here For A Laugh!


View the great gift ideas for men, women, birthdays, anniversaries, or even the gift for your boss or to yourself.  Home Wet Bar is always coming up with new ideas and items that are being added for you to choose from. They have 1000’s of items and currently have over 700 that are on sale.  Typically there is usually a coupon code to receive a discount on your order. Isn’t it always great to save money? Go to Home Wet Bar here!