Phone Photography Tricks

Phone Photography Tricks that are Mind Blowing!

If you already own a smart phone, you have everything you need to create incredible photographs.  You will not need any fancy lenses, lighting, pay for dull classes or spend money.  With these Phone Photography Tricks, you will be on your way quickly taking professional pictures.  GO HERE TO SEE ALL THE AMAZING PHOTOS!


The Amazing Reasons Why The Best DSLR Camera Is…
Probably Already In Your Pocket

  • FACT: Newer smartphone models have ultra-sharp image quality. They can do practically everything (and sometimes more) as your standard DSLR. (Even the old iPhone 3GS – which has a “puny” 3-megapixel camera¬– can give DSLRs a run for their money. And the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 are even better.)
  • FACT: Smartphones are “pocketable” and portable. You have the freedom to take pictures anywhere you go, without having to lug around heavy camera equipment. And because they’re less intrusive… you’re less likely to draw attention to yourself and get a bunch of “weird stares” whenever you take a photo. Certainly not the case with bulky DSLRs!
  • FACT: You can easily add special effects to your photos with free photo-editing apps. Then, quickly upload them to your favorite photo sharing sites with the touch of a button.


This video course is split into easy-to-follow lessons that will enable you to take breathtaking photos with special effects.  It is designed to help a photo newbie into an accomplished photographer right away.  Most beginners take 6-12 months to even get to amateur state, Phone Photography Tricks will teach you right away.  No FLUFF or Filler in this course.

  • Essential smartphone camera features that can instantly enhance your picture quality by 100%. (Even the most savvy smartphone addicts don’t know about these…)
  • How to use special focus techniques to create photographs with a subtle “meaning”…Screw this up and you can kiss any emotional impact in your photos goodbye!
  • The secret “depth of focus” technique… just use this to always get crisp, focused pictures – even if your subject is in motion or you have shaky hands!

Discover secret methods for creating an “invisible man” or floating in the air illusions.  Learn how to take high dynamic nature photos without Photoshop!  The photo-editing software that is equal to this is included as a bonus.  GO HERE TO GET STARTED!

  • A cool trick to “fool” your phone’s exposure controls… so you can take vivid photos that you won’t be able to look away from!
  • How to use the dodge and burn tools to create well balanced images.
  • The embarrassingly simple adjustments that can instantly make an ordinary photo look 10x times as alive and vibrant.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how to create powerful moods with light…without having to spend hundreds of dollars on professional equipment.
  • Want an easy way to remove unwanted shadows in your portraits? Just use a 1-inch thick piece of white foam.
  • How to create the “blur effect” when photographing moving objects. I’ll show you the must-have app that makes showing off speed in your pictures a breeze.

If you act now, you will receive 4 bonuses in this offer:

  • Unlimited Lifetime Consultation.
  • Get your photos featured on Flickr or Instagram.
  • How to make income with photography.
  • All-In-One Photo editing software.

So, If you have a Smartphone and a desire to take killer photos, this course will revolutionize the way you will take pictures forever!


100% Guarnteed