Silly Novelty Gifts Silly Novelty Gifts


This place has all of the humorous and silly gifts.  Giving it in the name of a big laugh.  Great for a party gag gift!  You will get a kick out of these offerings of plain silly stuff.  Want to play a prank on your boss, co-worker, friend, or spouse?  You have come to the right place!  The have a full array of things to choose from.  Star Wars, Political humor, Body part gags, Drinking gifts.  They have anything and everything you can think of for any occasion.

Bacon Wallet

What do you think of this bacon wallet?  A bacon lover’s dream.

For those of us who bring home the bacon, now we have an appropriate place to put it.

A year from now, Bacon Wallets will be as common as sausage cuff links are today. So get a Bacon Wallet and put a little sizzle in your life!

Giant Gummy Turkey Leg

I know you have been waiting for this big Turkey Leg Gummy!!!!!  My Goodness!   The Giant Gummy Turkey Leg taste like delicious cola and guess what, even vegetarians will like it!




The Stupid Alert Button

Then we have the stupid sound button-boy this will probably get you in trouble.

They have many buttons to choose from and I am sure you will find one to apply to whatever funny prank you want to pull.

Please go check this page out, I know you won’t be able to keep a straight face.