Sports Protection Accessories

Sports Protection Accessories


Articulating joints have very little inherent stability.  Frequently, damage to these joints result from rapid direction change, decelerating quickly and even landing from a jump.  Kmax Sports carries very effective sports protection that are made of quality materials. Anyone at any age that is playing sports should have knee and elbow guards. They are all machine washable and instructions are on each garment.  Please no bleach or fabric softener!  They also have sizing charts for each item that they carry. Great for any age, elderly that are active all the way to teens!

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The elbow or knee sleeves are made from polyester and spandex and are offered in a variety of colors. They maximize blood flow and help support the forearm, biceps, and elbow joint.  Back supports help build a strong core and reduces injury and are great even just for exercising.



Kmax also carries gloves for workout and wrist support as well as for cycling.  Compression shirts and shorts are wonderful for promoting blood flow and minimizing injury.  Everything that you would want for any sport that you play or even just to exercise.  If you have had an injury, they are great for protection and stabilizing the joint from further damage while exercising.


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