Isn’t traveling our favorite thing to do or what we would at least like to do more of? Relieves stress, fun with family or a lover’s getaway? Please check here often to see the travel offers I have for you.  As I find new interesting offers that I think you would enjoy, I will add them to this page. Come back often to visit!  Happy Travels!


Come Sail Away

Take new adventures that you thought you couldn’t afford!!!!! The adventures of what you thought were a “life time but would never be able to afford” have arrived.  Now you can stay at exclusive places that you will never hear of otherwise and it won’t break the bank!  Click here for your Adventure!

Shelf Pack-The Best Suitcase Ever!

This is something very new and is so Handy while traveling!  Why didn’t someone think of this years ago? The total height of 42″ tall, 4 easy pull up shelves, 3-pocket compartments all drop right into the base part of the suitcase.  The four shelves are supported by a retractable frame, so you pull them up and lock the shelves into place and you have your dresser from home.  Very Unique Travel Buddy-Click here to see it Now!

RV Freedom Now!

Do you dream for a life of adventure and want to know how to accomplish and save money?  RV Freedom has 10 easy steps to your freedom in doing so. You will learn  how to pros and cons of selling your home, getting internet while on the road, money you will need for your lifestyle, and much more!  Step by step guidelines that will save you money and advice from people that have already experienced the dream.  Make new friends, have memories of a lifetime and always look forward to new adventures!  Go here to get $10 off for ordering now!

Mountain Directory: A Guide For Truckers, RV And Motorhome Drivers.

The purpose of this book is not to discourage drivers from going where they please. It is only to inform you of the conditions they may encounter. I want to encourage you to make sure your equipment is in good repair. Brakes must be in good working order and properly adjusted. The engine and transmission should be used to slow the vehicle whenever possible.  Get Started Here!

Why Not Fly Free?

I’ve been beating the airlines at their own game for more than 15 years. Can you believe I fly almost free 98% of the time? You can use the same strategy that I’ve used to get 63 free airline tickets over the last 15 years. Imagine saving enough money on one vacation to be able to take two vacations.  Why not start now!